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Harmed In Hamilton
A live journalism event

7pm on October 22, 2022 @ Theatre Aquarius

Three journalists ask why anti-bullying strategies in schools aren’t working. Harmed in Hamilton, a live journalism experience brought to you by stitched! Live journalism lab, explores the deep rooted and systemic reasons behind ineffective anti-bullying strategies that can end up putting children last.

Written and performed by Journalists Sonya Fatah, Chrsitin El-kholy, and Maddy Mahoney, and directed by Lisa Cox. Choreography by Louis Laberge-Cote and performed by Janeyce Guerrier. This production led by stitched!, a live journalism collective that is dedicated to creating multi-disciplinary live events to the stage based off of journalistic works. The event is co-produced by Talk Media, with Adam Chen serving as production coordinator, and Kit Simmons as stage manager.

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