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stitched! is a live journalism research and creative lab at Toronto Metropolitan University. In partnership with the stitched! collective,  the lab creates and presents works of journalism before a live audience. As an experimental space, stitched! also explores interdisciplinary collaborations by introducing artistic interventions into storytelling, including music and dance. 


Our events are designed to give audiences a ‘cover-to-cover’ audio-visual experience, interacting with all the elements of a magazine, except unfolding live.

The lab was founded in 2019 by Sonya Fatah, assistant professor at the School of Journalism at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU).  Based out of The Catalyst at TMU, stitched! has conducted several performances since its inception. 

stitched! adopts a decolonized framework and is guided by Indigenous principles of storytelling. The lab also adopts trauma-informed reporting practices, as well as a solidarity journalism approach that seeks to build community within audiences. This community focus informs our storytelling approach and interactive engagement. 

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