stitched! A Live Journalism Event 


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stitched! A Live Journalism Event

stitched! is a live multimedia event concept inspired by journalistic practice.

The recurring event is being built to give a ticketed audience a ‘cover-to-cover’ audio-visual experience interacting with all the elements of a magazine, except  experience it unfolding live.

Set in a performance space, this multi-media production involves set direction, lighting, audience interaction elements, branded-integration elements, design and the development of content.


Investigating the role of arts education in school

A live journalism

performance by Ashley Fraser


Hello all, Ashley here, I am writing today to let you know that — in light of a university-wide decision to cancel all scheduled events in response to the COVID-19 pandemic — my live journalism thesis performance is also postponed. Thanks for all your support for this event! We plan  to share a new date with you once things are safer for our community. Stay tuned for a follow up email once we have a clearer picture. And stay safe. 


Thank you.

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